Beyond the Cow

Our next chapter

Send a Cow has been working in partnership with families in rural Africa for 34 years to grow enough to fight hunger and poverty. 

The story so far


The civil war in Uganda leaves thousands of widowed women farmers struggling to feed their families after livestock are slaughtered by soldiers 


A group of West Country farmers meet around a kitchen table to discuss how their livestock might help with malnutrition in Africa


Bishop Livingstone Nkoyoyo meets the two English farmers visiting Uganda and introduces them to 10 smallholder women farmers in Mukono District 


59 cows are sent from Gatwick to Uganda 


Livestock to be gifted is sourced within Africa for the first time 


Peer farmer training is introduced to create a ripple effect aspect to our work 


Send a Cow now works in 6 countries 


We reach a total of 1 million people with our life-changing tools and training 


Covid-19 hits farming families hard. Send a Cow supporters respond generously to our appeals and staff work hard to mitigate the effects of the pandemic 


Bold new plan launches to help reach 5 million more people by 2030  

With your help, we've been able to work alongside 2.5 million people across rural Africa.


Our Dawuro project enabled families to eat three meals a day – up from two


98% of families in our projects in Busia and Bugoma are food secure (up from 6%); 75% have doubled the number of food types they eat each day (from three to six) 


30,000 trees were planted in one year by farming communities we worked alongside


74% of our project participants who were marginalised, now feel included and empowered and able to access resources 


Our Gender and Nutrition Centred Agriculture project helped family food security to rise from 15% to 76% 


Confidence levels of project participants increased from 57% to 77% and daily household income from USD 0.3 to USD 3.40 

Our 2030 Plan

As of 31 May 2022, Send a Cow has become Ripple Effect. We will still be working alongside families to transform their lives and the planet, but we’ll be growing our life-changing programmes to reach a further 5 million people by 2030. 

Our history and our name are important parts of who we are today. But we must recognise the need for change. Our new name emphasises that the impact of our work is always felt far beyond where it starts, and that for every farmer we reach, many more benefit; that’s something we are incredibly proud of.
Paul Stuart, CEO

The Ripple Effect

For every family we work with, three more families will benefit. As they learn more, grow more and sell more, the benefits are shared with their families, neighbours and communities who then do the same. 

Our approach is efficient, effective and builds a momentum that spreads far beyond our programmes. Ripple Effect creates a wave of change in rural Africa.  

The Future Starts Here

It starts with Eunice

When we bring farmers together to learn practical ways to grow themselves out of poverty. 

Currently, I have a tree nursery and sell seedlings in my local community. I plant trees to improve my environment, to grow fruit and also to feed my animals. I will tell everyone to plant plenty of trees as they are so important to humans, for our land, our animals and for income. 
Eunice, Ripple Effect Kenya farmer

It starts with Isaac

When our Project Facilitators work tirelessly to train farmers to be climate-positive farming experts. 

It starts with Sarah

When our supporters take action, standing alongside families fighting the climate crisis.

It starts with Jackie

When individuals fundraise in their communities.

It starts with Guy

When a business becomes a valued partner.

Farmers listen to other farmers, not academics or NGOs. Whether in Uganda, Ethiopia or the UK, the best (perhaps the only) way to improve farming practice is to show another farmer like them making it work on a farm like theirs; each farmer starting a ripple effect of learning and improvement. The sustainable farming Ripple Effect (formerly Send a Cow) have developed and spread through peer farmer trainers in Uganda is the most inspiring I have seen; this is the future of socially and environmentally sustainable agriculture.
Guy Watson, Riverford (Ripple Effect corporate partner)

It starts with David

When a founding farmer has a vision to make a difference.

And the ripple effect can start with you.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new 2030 plan and Ripple Effect name. Please send any feedback to: 


Tel: 01225 874 222 

Ripple Effect UK 
The Old Estate Yard 
Newton St Loe 
BA2 9BR 

Ripple Effect is the trading name of Send a Cow. It is a charity registered in England and Wales (299717) and Scotland (SC049792) which is a company limited by guarantee (02290024). Registered office is at The Old Estate Yard, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BR.